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Party animal!

Reese | Lab mix | 80lbs | Male | 1 year old | Good with dogs (large and tolerant dogs only | No cats | No kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption fee: $600

Reese: Text

Crazy boy Reese is here for quite the journey! At 1 year old, Reese came to us with next to no training or manners and is currently working towards his "good boy status" with help from his foster momma. Reese is house and crate trained. He is good with people but is a VERY bouncy and uncoordinated boy which is why he is looking for a home that is filled with adults only. 

It is quite possible that before coming to us, Reese had never gone on a proper leash walk. He does not understand being on a leash and gets very overstimulated by anything that passes him in the real world; this includes cars, people, pets, etc. Reese has worked with a trainer and is now working with his foster mom to strengthen his leash manners and get him exposed to everything that the outdoor world has to offer so that he can enjoy walks, just like all of his foster friends. 

Reese is a high energy dog and would benefit from an active family who is looking for a dog that would enjoy daily activities such as (but of course not limited to) training, running, fetch and tug, patience and support. He is not a rude boy but he has also not been shown how to be polite and gentle so he is still working on this with his foster mom's guidance. Reese can entertain himself quite well and would love a home that has a large fenced in yard or one that is willing to take him to places where he can run and be free without worrying about too many other dogs coming into his space and 'ruining' his fun with his people. To reach this point, he would need a family that is devoted to his training as he would need to be able to understand that running away is not an option.

Take a look to see what Reese's foster mom says about him:
"Reese is a very special boy. When we took him in from a kill shelter, we received a note from his previous person that went over a few key struggles that they had with him, the main one being his manners. His listening skills are not where they should be and it is clear that he has not been shown what is appropriate and what is not. When he is in his training sessions, he does try his hardest to focus on me and his trainer but he does struggle when distractions are involved. On leash, this can be something as simple as a person passing which causes him to become reactive. He is not being mean by doing so, he just doesn't know how to appropriately act. We are working hard to show him everything that is appropriate and 'right' but this will take time. While we do this, we would love to transition him into his forever home with our support so that he has the best chance to grow. Reese is basically a giant puppy and while he is eager to learn, he needs someone who is patient enough to give him the time and effort that he deserves."

Reese: Text
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