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Forever Fosters: Welcome


Atticus was found in a field where he hadn't moved for almost 12 hours. A lovely shelter in the area picked him up, and as soon as we saw this boy, we knew we were going to pick him up and give him all the love he deserves. Atti is the sweetest senior man, just happy to be near you and to be loved.

We took him to the vet the day after he came to us, as he was showing signs of pain and weakness in the hind end. We have a great vet team that we work with, and Atticus now sadly has a presumed diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy.

Unfortunately, this is a progressive, incurable disease that at his stage, has a life expectancy of only a few months. So far he has proprioceptive deficits in his hind end, muscle wasting and ataxia, and some urinary incontinence. This is expected to progress to full paraplegia and significantly affect his quality of life.

We have started this boy on some pain medication (gabapentin and galliprant) and an anti-inflammatory eye drop (as he has cataracts and likely uveitis) to help get him comfortable.

If you would like to donate to Atti's care, please make sure to visit our donation page :)

Forever Fosters: About


Buddy came to us from a Northern Community just a few weeks ago!

He has limited use of one of his front limbs, severe muscle wasting, a very stiff back end, broken teeth, some concerns on his bloodwork, and he is quite underweight. As much as we would love to say that he is a sweet old man, he is super uncomfortable and wants our love on his terms. We are working on his relationship with people and hoping if we get his pain under control he’ll be a lot happier! With the help of our lovely veterinary team we have already determined that he is not a candidate for adoption and will be our newest forever foster - welcome to the family Buddy!

We are hoping with the start of some pain meds, but he will start to feel a bit better and more comfortable in his new home. We will be keeping an eye on this as he settles in and making sure to keep his quality of life at the front of all of our plans for him.

Forever Fosters: About
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