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Please note that in all cases, the following is a part of our adoption process:

1.  Reference Check (we will reach out to your landlord, vet (if applicable) and personal references to learn more about you)
2. Home Visit (to be able to determine the type of environment our dogs would be living in)
3.  Approved Adopter (from here, you can meet any of our dogs that would potentially fit both your families needs, and the dogs needs)
4.  Meet & Greet (the chance for yourself and your pets to meet your potential new family member)
5.  Contract/Adoption Fee (the final stage of the adoption before you take your new family member home)

For more information on our adoption process, please make sure to send us an email with any questions that you may have!

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Our adoption fees are as follows:

The Puppies/Adults (<11months - 8 years) - $600

The Experienced (9+ years) - $300

Our adoption fees include age appropriate vaccines (DAPP & Rabies), spay/neuter, microchip, deworming and heartworm testing. For our 'experienced' pups, this also includes a complete bloodwork panel. Please note that if an experienced dog arrives into our care intact, we may choose to forgo their spay/neuter if it is in their best interest. 

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