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Come Run With Me

Boxer mix | 55lbs | Female | 2-4 years old | Unknown with dogs | No cats | Kids 16+ | High Energy | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption fee: $600

Kiya: Text

Kiya is the life of the party! Kiya, much like her friend Daya, came to use through Oshawa Animal Services. Kiya did not cope well with the shelter environment, and her mental health started to deteriorate. She started to show shelter staff undesirable behaviours due to extreme overstimulation, and staff wanted better for this sweet girl. Kiya found her way to Correct Canine, where she was housed in a much more structured and calmer environment. It was with Correct Canine that she started to flourish and show what she was truly capable of. The shelter staff at Oshawa Animal Shelter did everything they could to provide Kiya with safety, but some dogs, like Kiya, are not able to handle the stress of a kennel, and we thank them for allowing her the opportunity for her true colours to shine!

Kiya is crate trained and house trained but will take time to settle into her crate. Kiya is looking for a forever home in a detached home so that she does not annoy neighbours with her barking habits. With some calming music and a comfy bed, Kiya has been learning to settle, but as she transitions into her forever home, she will need help continuing the learning process. Kiya is working on her leash manners and her general excitement. Kiya does well on walks with other, calmer, four legged friends to ground her and help show her the way!

This fun and happy girl has a thing of two she cannot live without: Firstly, any and all balls. Fetch, soccer, volleyball, basketball… You name it, and she will happily play all day! Second, a good hose and pool. Kiya absolutely loves being in the water, and if you combine the two, we promise you are in for a good laugh and a very happy girl!

What Kiya’s foster mom would like you to know about Kiya:

"Kiya is a high energy girl. Kiya is looking for an adventure buddy and someone that will help her explore the world. She is looking for someone who can understand her anxieties and guide her through stressors, as well as help her build confidence. Kiya would benefit from a family who will continue her training and expand on all she has to offer. One on one, Kiya has proven to be her best self. She has bonded quickly and hard with me, and I absolutely adore her. Her “bad behaviours” are made up by her many good girl tendencies. She can be sweet and spicy, and I hope she never has to change that! I hope she finds her perfect people who are just as sweet and spicy as she is and can help her continue to grow into the best dog that I know she can be- she deserves the heck out of it!”

Kiya: Text
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