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A Wizard!

Husky Mix | Male | 12 weeks old | Expected to grow to about 60-70lbs | Good with Dogs | Unknown with cats | Good with Kids| High Energy | Working on being crate trained | Working on being house trained | Fostered in Brantford, ON 

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Harry: Text

Like his brother, Ron, Harry came to us from the Northern Community. 

He is your typical husky puppy who is a ball of energy but also so eager to learn. He is currently working on learning he needs to be calm before exiting his crate and not jumping up on people. He does know his name and has good recall. His leash skills are also coming along and he loves to go on walks. He likes to look at everything, run, bounce and roll when he is on his walks. 

In his crate during the day he will cry for a short period of time but will settle if he has a chew toy with him. Overnight his foster home makes the room dark and has a radio on for background noise to ensure he sleeps throughout the night. 

His house training is coming along. He does require his home to be vigilant on this as if he is not taken out often he will have some accidents in the home. 

Inside the home, Harry is on the go constantly. He likes to play with his toys or wrestle with his foster sister. But once he has tired himself out, he will sprawl out and take a nap. 

Outside the home, Harry loves to adventure. Everything is new to him so he is very interested in anything that he sees. He loves to chase leaves, eat sticks and play in the snow. 

Harry is a very fun puppy who is smart and will find ways to entertain himself.  He is bold, confident and up for any adventure.  He loves to have another dog to play with and to go on walks. He does well in his crate if he is worn out physically and/or mentally.

What Harry’s foster home would like you to know about him: 

Harry is an amazing puppy who wants to spend all his time with his people.  Although he is a puppy and gets into things he shouldn’t he does listen to corrections and will stop what he is doing.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t go back to it in typical puppy fashion. He now sleeps through the night and his foster mom gets a solid 7 hours of sleep at night without accidents.  Right now he is a clean slate and so far appears to catch on very quickly.  He would do best in an active home who likes to go for walks/hikes and tire his brain through training. Harry is also very food-motivated.

Harry: Text
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