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Husky/lab mix | 35lbs | Male | 4 months old | Good with dogs  | Good with cats | Medium - High Energy | Fostered in Milverton, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption fee: $600

Ares: Text

Introducing our littlest yet fluffiest (he will lose some of the fluff) man, Ares! Ares is a husky lab mix that came to us from a Northern Community. He is approximately 4 months old! Ares is a “monkey see, monkey do” kind of guy. He feeds off the energy of the other pups and humans in the house and reads the room very well. He currently lives with two very calm female huskies and understands when it is playtime and when it is time to relax. He independently entertains himself well and is always up for a good nap and cuddle. However, when there are visiting pups that are higher in energy, Ares is much more energetic and has a harder time settling. 

Ares is working hard on his crate and house training at this time. Ares is also still learning all about the concept of a leash. He does well when he goes outside for bathroom breaks and is learning how to walk beside his human (instead of in between their feet) when on the trails. In environments with lots of distraction, Ares is a strong puller. When his foster sisters or humans are ahead of him, Ares has a hard time with heeling and will pull to get to them. His foster family is working on teaching him the “best practices” of being a good boy on leash. 

Ares loves to be outside and enjoys hiking and rolling in the grass! He absolutely loves swimming pools and is not afraid to get dirty. Ares is a fairly confident boy at his age but likes to stay close to his humans for the most part. Ares loves to meet new people and is typically very excited to make friends. He will occasionally let out a small bark, but is fairly quiet and he is working hard at learning not to jump on people. He has no problem making friends even at the vet clinic. He will happily allow them to give him vaccines while accepting any and all treats that they have to offer!

What skills are being worked on? 

Leash walking, crate training, sharing attention with other pups in the home, impulse control, recall, down, stay.   

Skills they knows well?   

Ares is a clean slate puppy and is learning all the basics of being a good boy! His house training, sit command, and crate training are coming along nicely.

From Ares’ foster parents:

We anticipate Ares will be a big, cuddly boy. He likes to make his displeasure known by sharing his grievances through typical husky vocals. He would love an older sibling to follow around but this is not necessary. Ares enjoys hikes, pool time, fetch, and playing with the big dogs. He is a quick learner and will make a well balanced boy for a home willing to put time into training him.

Ares has been an absolute joy to have around. He has quickly adjusted to our routine and expectations. Ares, with a little guidance, is very respectful of the older pups in the home and loves to play with their friends when they visit. He will make a great companion on the trails and an excellent adventure buddy. Ares is an absolute sweetheart who will need help learning to settle when new people are around and continuous positive reinforcement for his crate training. This boy is going to grow up to be a big, goofy guy with lots of personality. He is a perfect addition to any home.

Ares: Text
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