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Silly Boy

Australian Shepherd/Berenese Mountain Dog Mix | 79lbs | Male | 1.5 years old | Good with Dogs | Unknown with cats | High Energy | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON 

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Winston: Text

Everyone meet Winston, a 1.5 year old Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix. Winston found his way to us when his owners reached out as they could no longer care for him. 

Winston is an extraordinary boy who makes his presence in your life known. His leash skills are excellent thanks to his foster family and knows the commands sit, down, out, paw, heel, free/break and quiet. Winston is also crate-trained but can occasionally whine in there and may protest going in if he knows you will be gone for longer periods. 

Winston’s current foster home is working on a lot with him to shape him into the best version of himself. Their top priority is teaching him to settle in the home and the place command to help with this. He is learning boundaries with both humans and his foster siblings, not to rush out of his crate, not to steal articles of clothing and impulse control. 

Inside the home, he likes to be close to his humans and will have a hard time settling. It has been observed if one of his humans leaves the room he will whine and bark even if there is still someone in the room with him. Because of this, his foster home is ensuring he is learning he can be independent so his separation anxiety does not increase. He also likes to bark at the noises he hears outside or on the TV. His foster home is currently working on this with him and making sure he knows he does not run the show. When someone enters his home he will bark but once he realizes they are safe he is so happy to welcome them. He is learning it is not appropriate to jump on his visitors. 

Outside of the home, Winston thrives. His leash skills are amazing and likes to ensure he can see his person. Because he is a high-energy breed, this is where you will see the best side of him. He may bark at some men on walks if they approach too quickly but this can be easily corrected. Besides this, his foster home has not observed any reactivity towards dogs, people or small animals. While on his hikes with his foster family, they are working on his recall but have said it is coming along nicely. 

Due to Winston’s breed, he requires a family who is active and is willing to keep up with his daily needs of being worked before and after their workday, whether that be mentally or physically. He can be very pushy and likes to make his wants known and will do anything to ensure he gets those things, he may also test the rules if the boundaries are not constantly set.  He would do best in a home that provides both structure and affection in a balanced way as he loves his people but is also true to his breed. 

What Winston’s foster home would like you to know about him:

Winston has great potential to be a wonderful companion but this will come with lots of work. Within his first week at his foster home, he’s shown his foster parents that he is very smart but also very devious. He continues to test limits with experienced owners and will need a confident owner to guide him and remain consistent with him. Consistency with Winston will encourage him to show his best side and avoid the creation of “bad habits” or poor behaviour. He seeks attention by stealing shoes or hats, whining, and jumping. Providing access to alternative behaviours is a very helpful training strategy to combat these undesirable qualities! The ideal home will be prepared to welcome a working breed into their home and give him lots of mental and physical stimulation. Winston is great with dogs and would love a sibling, but this is not essential to his home. He would love someone in the home to play tug or fetch with him. While Winston has good obedience, a home committed to continuing training and teaching him new things would be beneficial! 

Winston: Text
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