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Toby Bear

German Shepherd | 80lbs | Male | 12-15 years old | Good with dogs | Unknown with cats | Good with kids | Low energy | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: Hind end arthritis

Adoption fee: $600

Tobias: Text

Our sweet man Tobias is about as perfect as can be. Toby is good with dogs, said to be good with cats and has previously lived with kids. Currently, he is in a foster home with multiple dogs and with four adults taking care of him. Toby is trusted to have free roam of the house and with his retirement years here, he is also allowed on the couch and any bedding that he chooses.

Toby likes to go for leisurely walks with his foster mom. He unfortunately cannot do long hikes or strenuous excursions anymore, but he does like to go outside and sniff/explore close to home. He is great on leash and likes to go with his foster siblings when they chose to join. Toby has done well with all dogs that he has been introduced to but he does not love when puppies/younger dogs get too in his face, especially when they kiss him so his foster parents make sure to advocate for his space.

Currently, Toby acts much younger then 15 years old which is what we were told when asked to bring him into our care. Our veterinary team believes that he is closer to 12-14 years old. No matter what, for his age, he moves quite well and can even hop on the bed. Toby does well in the car and will happily sleep on car rides - his favourite is when the windows are open though so hopefully his forever family has that in store for him!

Here’s what Toby’s foster parents would like you to know about him:

“Toby came into our care through no fault of his own and that is very clear - he is pretty close to the perfect gentleman. He has stolen our hearts very quickly but we know there is an incredible family out there just waiting to spoil him in his golden years.

Toby loves to be around his people. When we leave the house, he will sometimes bark for the first few minutes, but quickly finds a comfy spot on the couch and waits patiently for us to get home. When we do, he greets us with the best tail wags and kisses. A home where someone is home more then they are not would be so lovely for him.

Toby deserves to be his happiest self. He deserves all the love and sunshine that this world has to offer “

Tobias: Text
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