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Slow and steady wins my heart!

Mastiff | 100lbs | Female | 2 years old | Not tested with dogs yet | Unknown with cats | Adult family only  | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Timbit: Text

This ~2-year-old mastiff is such a dream and has settled in with her foster family with ease. While Timbit currently lives with dogs, she is a rough player and does prefer dogs that are non-confrontational and are balanced in terms of their play style. She does best with male dogs but has also been around senior females and has done well. Timbit is crate and house-trained and has fairly good house manners; her one downfall is that she believes that all furniture is her furniture to jump on and get comfy with.

Timbit came to us after being found by Animal Services, tied to a tree with a muzzle on. Her past is unknown and it took her a few days to get comfortable with the people that saved her, but she is slowly learning that people are lovely. How? Timbit and her foster mom have taken a lot of time getting to know each other and bonding to make sure that Timbit can trust her foster mom's lead. Thanks to this, Timbit has successfully met multiple people with slow introductions (muzzled, outside of the home, on a walk without any pressure from direct contact or forced 'pets'). She has also met a few people in her home and has done well without her muzzle. She does best with people who are patient with her and allows her to choose when she wants to meet them and ask for affection. Once you have gone through this once, you will be best friends forever :)

Timbit is great when walking on a leash! She walks on a transitional leash and can walk directly with or in the passing of dogs and people with no issues. She loves her crate and settles quickly, but does not appreciate it when other dogs invade her space and come sniffing while she is in it (this is totally fair and is not discouraged as this is her one safe space). 

Want to hear just a bit about what Timbit's foster mom has to say about her (she could write a novel so we are telling you the most important parts):

"Timbit is a funny, quirky, perfectly imperfect girl. Timbit was a fearful mastiff but with the proper direction and experience from her foster mom, she is flourishing into a beautiful pup; both look-wise and personality. Timbit is just shy of 100lbs yet in the first two days of having her, she got so excited about being in our home that she got the zoomies and then jumped into my arms like she was all of 10lbs. 

Timbit is still getting used to sharing a home with other dogs, but she has done well with her foster brothers and has done well on pack walks with other balanced dogs.

This girl truly is a special one. She may have a rough past and may take all of a minute to warm up to you, but my goodness is she ever worth it. Someone with knowledge of mastiff behaviour is going to be living the dream with this wiggly butt"

Timbit: Text
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