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Keeping it Exciting

Presa Canario | 100lbs | Male | 1 year old | Good with dogs (with proper intros) | Good with cats (with proper intros) | Older kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Cambridge, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $450

Tigger: Text

- Breed: Presa Canario
- Age/Weight: 1 year (~100lbs)
- Good with dogs: Yes (does better in small groups with respectful dogs)
- Good with cats: Yes (does well with strong advocacy from his foster mom)
- Good with kids: Unknown - I do not see her having a problem
- Crate trained: Yes (is still learning how to settle on his own)
- House trained: Yes
- Leash skills: Strong and reactive on leash. This is a work in progress.
- Apartment appropriate: No
- Good in car: Yes
- Flight risk: Possibly
- Shedding Level: Low
- Medical Concerns: No known medical concerns
- Guarding issues: None seen here
- Other behavioural issues: Tigger did have a sister in the home. He would do well with other dog companion who is also strong and independent.
- Why are they with Tango’s Lead?: Tigger was surrendered due to his demanding needs in his forever home.
Best quality: Tigger is the most suggliest dog we have ever had. Although he is the largest he is the happiest when snuggled up to his human.
Worst quality: Trigger needs exercise or he can be destructive with objects in the home left around. He needs strong toys he cannot rip apart. And he loves to completely eat socks
* Tigger is extremely smart, he wants to look to his human for guidance and structure.
** Tigger is great with humans and very loyal. He used to live with two teenagers. He would likely be protective over younger children.
*** Tigger LOVES treats and is very food motivated. This makes him easier to train and focused (but not to many).
* Tigger is looking for a forever home with Mastiff experience (ideally Presa experience)
** Tigger will never be a daycare or dog park dog he can be reactive fast.

Tigger: Text
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