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Teddy Bear

Lab mix | 70lbs | Male | 7yrs old | No dogs | No cats | Kids 12+ | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Thumper: Text

Say hi to the biggest cuddle buddy we have in search of his forever family! Thumper is a 7 year old lab mix who is looking for a home ideally with no other pets, but the more people home, the better for him. Thumper is crate and house-trained and after 7 years of living outdoors, he finally understands what it is like to be a house dog. 

Thumper is a medium-energy boy who is ready to please his family! He does love all 2 legged friends but can be a bit too much for the tiny ones as he can get very excited which is why we recommend he goes to a home with kids who are 12+! When Thumper gets his zoomies or plays chase with you, he likes to nibble your bum as his way of saying "I got you!" This is one of our favourite quirks of him and he always gives us a good laugh.  Any stranger to him is an immediate friend and Thumper will happily throw his butt at them to get maximum scratches. 

With being an outdoor dog before finding his way to us, Thumper LOVES to be outside! He will sniff around and chase the squirrels but once he is done with his rounds he will find a nice spot in the sun to take a little nap. He is a bit of the fun police to his 4 legged neighbours but can easily be corrected with redirection and goes inside for a little break.

Inside the home, Thumper is a sleepy boy. He likes to follow his person around wherever they go but will also just lie there and observe. Thumper respects the "no kitchen" rule but occasionally likes to go in and see what is on the menu. 

Thumper has been working on his leash manners (and has been doing wonderfully!). He can be reactive to dogs but thanks to his amazing foster home this has decreased significantly. This is something his foster home has worked extremely hard on and has ensured Thumper can keep his focus on her when a dog is coming their way. Because of this, Thumper has made some acquaintances and can go on structured walks with them, even have been able to walk BESIDE them! When there are no dogs around Thumper looks to his person for guidance and even knows "break" means he can go on a sniffari! 

Our sweet boy is easily one of the smartest dogs we have in the rescue! He knows many commands and can finish his puzzle dinners in no time! Thumper currently knows: Sit, down, crate, place, no, wait, stay, break, with me, middle, muzzle, touch, up, leave it. He is especially good at crate, sit and down but can be a little testy with the other commands to see if you truly mean business. 

The muzzle command is very important for Thumper to know as when he visits the vet he is not a big fan. Although he loves to meet new friends, he does not like to be restrained and can become uncooperative. We have noticed he does best if someone he feels safe with is the one to restrain him rather than the clinic staff. By giving him treats during his visits, and having a muzzle on, we have had 3 successful vet visits with no issues at all! 

Here is what Thumper's foster mom has to say about him!

"Thumper is a big, lovable goofball that has no reason to be in foster care for as long as he has. His house manners are practically perfect, his energy level can fit in well with many different lifestyles and watching him improve with his reactivity training is SO rewarding. Thumper's flaws’ are a very minuscule part of his everyday life and the love that you get back from this goofball is immeasurable. He will make you laugh every day, his adorable ears will make you want to take 1000 pictures and his goofy personality will steal your heart. Working through Thumper’s reactivity training will grow an incredible bond between him and his forever people, and make both parties feel incredibly accomplished. After 7 foster dogs I can truly say that this guy is 100000% worth any of the work you put into him because, in return, he will give the love back 10 fold. Of all the dogs I have fostered he is truly the most deserving of a second chance at his forever."

Thumper: Text
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