Teddy Bear

Lab mix | 70lbs | Male | 7yrs old | No dogs | No cats | Kids 12+ | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600


Say hi to the biggest cuddle buddy we have in search of his forever family! Thumper is a 7 year old lab mix who is looking for a home ideally with no other pets, but the more people home, the better for him. Thumper is crate and house trained and after 7 years of living outdoors, he finally understands what it is like to be a house dog

Thumper loves people but can be quite selective with dogs and does prefer calm dogs, especially calm females. Thumper is a quiet and delicate boy; He is so sweet and would love a quiet home to decompress in. Thumper does need to work on his confidence and does take a minute to warm up to new people, but once he has figured out that you are the newest treat dispenser in his life, he will love you forever! This is something that he will need to work on when going to the vet as well. Although he was good for our veterinary team, they did work at his pace and made sure not to push him past his comfort zone.

Thumper is still working on his leash work and while he is very good on leash with no distractions, he can become reactive when it comes to other dogs barking at him or coming too close to himself and his humans. If another dog calmly walks past him, he does not have a problem with sauntering on by, but with the younger pups, he does like to tell them to chill out - this is something he is working very hard on with his foster mom Now that the weather is cooling off, Thumper is enjoying longer walks, but Thumper's foster mom does compare him to a senior when it comes to his pace on longer walks in the warmer temperatures - slow and steady is his only pace then.

When Thumper first moved into his foster home, he was nervous about walking on the hardwood flooring, but now that he has settled in, he has no problem walking around the house like he has been there all along! Thumper is still learning how to get in the car on his own, but once he is in the car, he is ready to go and has no issues with settling in for the ride. One thing that Thumper absolutely hates are storms. When a storm is about to happen, Thumper's foster mom makes sure to get him out for a good potty break, but then he spends the rest of the time occupied by treats and toys in his crate while listening to some music and the blinds shut so he can't hear or see what is happening outside.

Take a look to see what Thumper's foster mom has to say about him:

This big, handsome boy has so much to offer and I cannot wait till he finds his perfect people! While he is rough around the edges, this boy is all mushy on the inside and the family that sees this in him is going to be so darn lucky!

Thumper is sweet, fluffy and is such a great companion - if his days were spent laying in the house, chewing on a good bone with his forever people sitting on the couch near him, he would be in heaven. Thumper is a medium energy boy and would love space to run around, but he would also be a happy boy living life with the occasional adventure; as long as it's with his people!

Currently, Thumper knows sit, down, crate and wait when it comes to his food. He is not food motivated at the moment, but this is something that he and his foster mom are working on to help with his basic commands. Thumper is a shy boy but once he warms up to you, it will be very clear that you are his best friend and he would do anything to keep it that way!