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Cuddle Bug

Cane Corso mix | 90lbs | Female | 11yrs old | Good with dogs (prefers calm dogs) | No cats | Good with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Hamilton, ON

Vetting: Possible arthritis

Adoption Fee: $300

Tessa: Text

Meet Tessa, our sweet 11 year old Cane Corso. Although Tessa is experienced in life, she is pretty perfect and we feel as though her forever family will be here for her soon!

Tessa is very polite with other dogs (big or small). She will want to approach and sniff other dogs she encounters in her walks who pay her attention, but she can be told to ignore them and walk away. She does however get overwhelmed and annoyed by overly active dogs or puppies who play too rough around/with her, so it’s best if her house companion is another calm and polite dog. Tessa loves people, but at the same time can also be a bit shy and aloof around new people. Tessa is in need of a family who is willing to wait for Tessa to come and say hi to them rather than them rushing in to say hi to her. Although Tessa warms up to people quite nicely, she would do best in a home without young children because of her shy demeanor.

Now that Tessa’s foster mom has gotten to know her and has gained her trust, Tessa is doing great in her crate. She prefers her crate to be located in a quiet corner of the home (away from foot traffic) and has a dog bed inside. She will go inside the crate by herself when she is tired or nervous, e.g. when the vacuum cleaner is out, or when foster mom plays the violin (thanks Tessa, I know I’m horrible). If she does not feel like going inside the crate, it is easy to coax her with a small treat. She also does like it best when there is a blanket/cover over the crate so she can nap in peace. Tessa does suffer from “crate zoomies” where after being let out of the crate, she will incessantly ask for attention by jumping and using her paw. Unfortunately, due to her sheer size, she can easily smack someone. Her foster home is working on her manners to get her to be the calm girl she is 90% of the time. Other than that, her routine consists of getting out of the crate, walking, eating, asking for pets for 10 minutes, napping for a couple hours on repeat - and that's it!

Tessa is a very good loose leash walker in the sense that she does not pull, does not sniff too much, and walks at a nice leisurely pace. She will focus on you if you call her name while walking so it should not be hard to teach new behavior such as correcting her zig-zag tendency. Sometimes she will stop moving and use her size to resist being pulled, understandably she is old and gets tired easily but her foster mom makes sure that she does not stop walking while crossing the street for everyone’s safety! Tessa is very excited to learn new tricks so this is a great way to bond with her and have lots of fun! She is not interested in toys, she just wants to spend time with her humans getting pets and cuddles.

90% of the time, Tessa acts as the little old lady that she is, but she surprisingly has a lot of spunk considering her age! She still knows how to jump and she can still dash across a running track. Tessa knows the following commands: sit, down, wait (before exiting the crate and the apartment door), come, respond to her name, no, crate, paw. Tessa loves training and is currently working on “place” to calm her crate zoomies down. Honestly, other than her crate skills while settling into her home, there is not much ‘bad’ to say about this sweetheart!

Here’s what Tessa’s foster mom has to say about her:
“Tessa is a big teddy bear who is looking for a home where she can retire as the best family dog. She is incredibly sweet, gentle, loving, and despite coming in with little to no training, she is making great progress to be the most perfect house dog. She is very mellow at home but she still has enough bursts of energy for occasional adventures. She is shy but she loves people and everyone who has met her instantly falls in love with her beauty and polite manners!”

Tessa: Text
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