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I love my people

Mixed Breed | 30lbs | Female | 2yrs old | Selective with dogs (proper introductions needed) | No cats | No kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Ayr, ON

Vetting: Ehrlichiosis positive; no known symptoms and vet recommended monitoring for now

Adoption Fee: $600

Sadie: Text

Sadie girl - oh we could go on for days about this beautiful dog! Not only does this girl have a mohawk, but she also has her very own beard to show off

Sadie has been great in her foster home. She is good with dogs (when introduced properly) but does best with non-confrontational dogs. Sadie is not good with cats and would do best in a home with older children or no children at all. This girl is so smart and is crate and house trained already. Sadie also has great leash manners but will pull if a dog reacts to her being around them. She gets overexcited quickly, but can also ‘snap’ out of it just as easily. Sadie currently lives in a basement apartment where she does well, but does not do well in homes where she can hear doors across the hall constantly opening and closing. Sadie has been to the vet since being with us and did very well there, especially after some convincing with treats.

One thing Sadie is working on is her jumping on new people. When she knows someone and knows that she cannot jump on them, she won’t even try, but she will test every new person to see if she will get away with it. Sadie also does best when being introduced to new people out of her home and with tons of treats to remind her that we are not all that scary after all! Sadie is also working on staying in her own yard. Sadie likes to look for exits and although she will not dig her way out of a yard, if there is a gap in the fencing, she will try to poke herself through it.

While Sadie is not tiny, she does love to claim her peoples laps when settling in for a movie night. She also loves to share snacks and go on car rides!

Here’s what Sadie’s foster parents want you to know about her:

Sadie can be nervous when meeting new people and as with all humans and dogs, should never feel forced or pressured to be friends with someone she does not want to. Sadie likes to do introductions on her terms and this is the best way to ensure that she becomes friends with everyone in her life. Slow and steady, walks side by side, are a way to ensure that everyone falls in love by the end of the day. With that being said, Sadie does have a rough and tumble style to her play. She can appear to be rude to submissive dogs but has gotten along great with all of the dogs that she has been introduced to in her foster home.

Sadie is a very lovable dog, but she desperately needs someone who will not let her get her way and will make sure that she understands that she does not run the world. Sadie thrives with rules and would do best with a family that can exercise her mentally and physically, multiple times throughout the day.

Sadie: Text
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