Coming in Hot

Rocco | Collie mix | 65lbs | Male | 5 years old | Good with dogs | Good with cats | Good with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Cambridge, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600


Oh Rocco… let us tell you about the best, most fluffy bot we have welcomed into our hearts. Rocco is good with dogs, cats, strangers, his crate and in the house. 10/10 good boy status over here! 

Rocco can sometimes be a little slow meeting new people but once he opens up (which does not take long) he gets a severe wiggly bum, gives nose boops for attention and flops right onto his back for a good belly rub. Rocco loves to be touched at all times and is currently learning about personal space.

Rocco currently has two foster sisters, one is a dog and the other is a cat. He is respectful of both of their space, he doesn’t pay attention to his foster cat sister much and when his foster dog sister doesn’t want to play so he plays on his own. Rocco would even do with kids of any age as he is so laid back and is very calm in the home! 

Rocco is crate trained and does not mind it one bit! Because Rocco came from a northern reserve and lived outdoors, he is getting used to being an indoor dog. This means although he is house-trained, he will not ask to use the bathroom so his humans need to take him out on a regular basis. If he is left for hours her may have an accident indoors. 

With Rocco learning the indoor life, he has been known to drink out of the toilet if the lid is left open. He also does pace for a bit when he first enters the home, this is something his foster home is working on. He will eventually calm down but sometimes needs the help of his foster mom by sitting on the floor together in one spot with his stuffed pig. While outside, Rocco loves to play with his foster sisters and also stay close to his humans. Because he is so fluffy, he does need plenty of shade. He loves to play tug of war and fetch, but isn’t very good at giving the ball back. 

Here is what Rocco’s foster mom has to say about him:

"Rocco is a very docile boy and an excellent walker. He is respectful of other dogs' needs and knows when to leave them alone. He currently knows to sit, stay and lay down. Roccos is also great at the vet! He does not mind being poked and loves the treats after."