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Leonberger Mix | 120 lbs | Male | 4 years old | Good with small dogs and calm larger dogs | Unknown with cats | Good with strangers (warms up quickly) | Good with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Kingston, ON

Vetting: Ranger is both Lyme and Heartworm positive, and although not symptomatic is undergoing treatment for both. Ranger also has a partially torn cruciate ligament that will need surgery once he is cleared for it. 

Adoption fee: $450


Ranger is a lovable giant that will convince you to be his best friend and give him all the belly rubs! This man can be a lazy couch potato and relax around the house, or happily out sniffing on his walks. He's learning leash manners so he doesn't pull his foster mom around, but picks up on new things quickly! Ranger can be a bit hesitant meeting new people or dogs, but with proper introductions does warm up quite quickly. 

Ranger does have a few health issues that will keep him with Tango's Lead for quite a few months, but he'll definitely be getting all the love and cuddles from his foster home. Ranger will need to visit the vet a few times while he's with us, and have periods of crate rest after his heartworm treatment and cruciate surgery. Unfortunately he doesn't love being restrained for procedures like blood collection, and has never been crated before. His foster home is currently muzzle and crate training him to get him used to both, and he is making great strides in both! 

Here’s what Ranger's foster parents want you to know about him:

Ranger is the most loyal companion for any owner. He is a gentle giant, and he knows it. He was a rescue puppy, so he is not the best at socializing and takes a little bit of time to warm up to new people but once he is comfortable, he is the sweetest boy. Ranger loves to be around his humans, and gets excited every time seeing you after being away. He needs a little work on his walking skills, but that is trainable. Ranger is the nicest boy, he is just a little shy. He is the biggest couch potato and loves to cuddle so super high energy is not an issue for the big guy