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Small but Mighty

Bulldog x | 60lbs | Male | 8yrs old | Good with dogs | No cats | 
Unknown with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: Skin allergies, possible IBD (chronic diarrhea)

Adoption Fee: $600

Pickle Juice: Text

Meet our not so senior man Pickle Juice! PJ might be 8 years old but he sure doesn't act that way especially when he has young friends to play with. He does love a good nap but he also loves to be involved in a good party; especially if it includes toys. 

PJ is house trained and is crate trained. When in his crate, he does best when it is fully covered or when in a darker room. If he can see others having fun without him, he will 'scream' to join in. At this time, he takes a few minutes to settle, but when he first arrived in our care, it would take quite a bit longer for him to settle. PJ is working on his leash manners as he does not understand just how sturdy his little body is when he pulls. 

One thing that PJ struggles with most is sharing his prize toys and treats with friends. For this reason, he is separated from any of his foster siblings when playing with toys to ensure that he does not make a bad decision and get upset with them for trying to have fun with him. Resource guarding is something that can also be seen between dogs and humans but thankfully, so far, PJ has only had minor issues with other dogs.

PJ came to us through a local vet clinic. PJ was having issues with diarrhea and weight loss and his parents at the time could not afford the diagnostics and follow up care. Thankfully, the clinic was able to have him surrendered and he found his way to us. Since being with us, he has been put on hypoallergenic food (~$150 per month) and has been doing well so far. He is gaining weight but still has a ways to go. His forever family will need to be willing to help keep his allergies and stomach needs happy as these will both be lifelong conditions. 

Take a look at what PJ's foster mom says about him:

PJ is a very sweet boy who would love to have a forever family where he is the centre of attention. Currently, he joins daycare a few times a week and does well, but he tires very quickly. He is not a fan of dominant dogs but does well with most dogs that he has met (for him, the bigger, the better). PJ loves attention from humans, especially when it involves belly rubs or treats! I would say that his least favorite thing is being in his crate but mostly because he just wants to be included in everything. If you are a fan of bulldogs, he is definitely going to make you a very happy family!!

Pickle Juice: Text
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