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Small but Mighty

Bulldog x | 60lbs | Male | 9 years old | Good with dogs- NO TOYS AROUND | No cats | Unknown with kids | Low-Medium Energy | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Dundas, ON

Vetting: Skin allergies, IBD (currently well controlled). Please read his full bio to learn more about this. 

Adoption Fee: $300

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PJ is a pretty easy going, fun, sure to make you laugh type-guy despite his “high maintenance” medical needs. He was surrendered to us in December of 2022 from a local vet clinic after some severe diarrhea and weight loss that his previous owners could not afford diagnostic tests for. Since December we have been working hard with our vet team to figure out what works best for both PJs stomach and allergies that affect his skin condition. We currently have both his skin and stomach well controlled, and are working towards weaning off daily medication and towards a cheaper, low ingredient diet. 

Currently PJ is on a specific allergy diet called derm complete which costs around $170 per bag that lasts about a month and a half. In addition PJs daily allergy medication costs around $150 per month. Finally, his allergy injection costs $200 every 4-6 weeks.

We are working towards lower cost, more holistic, options to help PJ be the healthiest version of himself. But, his forever family should be aware that he has the possibility to be a costly dog if his allergies are not controlled properly or if he has a flare up.

PJ is crate trained but also can be trusted alone free-roam as he doesnt get into much. He is used to being alone for 6-8 hour work days. PJ will bark at the beginning of his crate time but settles within 5 minutes.

What PJs foster mom would like you to know about PJ:

What PJ drains from your bank account he makes up for in all the love, cuddles, snores, funny barks and all the bum wiggles you could ever want. And I think that is priceless. 

In the house PJ is a very easy going guy and is happy to sleep near wherever his humans are. He is not a dog that needs a ton of exercise but loves his 10 minute walks around the block to get his sniffs in. PJ also loves to play a good game of tug, but watch your fingers!

PJ is happy to co exist with another dog in the house but he is not a dog to play much with other dogs. He does not like when other dogs rush him or when they are what he deems “too dominant” and will occasionally give unfair corrections. But when introduced slowly to other dogs, as to not make him uncomfortable and advocated for, he can exist with other dogs with no issues. Another important thing to note about PJ around other dogs is that he does resource guard his food and toys. But once comfortable, knows that his “place” is where he can have his toys and chews comfortably without other dogs trying to take them. PJ’s forever home would have to continue advocating for PJ and having proper introductions with other dogs, as well as practicing his ‘out’ command, to avoid unnecessary conflict between dogs. Otherwise, he is happy to snooze the day away beside a dog buddy.

PJ is the biggest love bug around and LOVES every human he meets! I guarantee he will put a smile on your face every single day with his bum wiggling when you walk in the door. PJ’s snores are the funniest thing you will ever hear and you will melt everytime he settles down for the night by sucking on his favourite blanket. 

I promise this little chunker will bring so much joy to your life and you will never regret bringing him home.

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