Did we just become best friends?

Shepherd mix | 70lbs | Female | 6 years old| Good with dogs (Needs proper introductions) | No cats | Older kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $450


- Breed: Shepherd Mix

- Age/Weight: ~ 6years (~70lbs)

- Good with dogs: Has poor social skills but does well with proper introductions

- Good with cats: No

- Good with kids: Older kids only

- Good with strangers: yes

- Crate trained: Yes

- House trained: Yes

- Leash skills: Good on leash!

- Apartment appropriate: Yes

- Storms: Unknown

- Vet Visits: Good at the vet

- Good in car: Yes

- Prey Drive: Not seen here

- Flight risk: Possibly - once she knows her people though, there is no leaving them

- Energy level: Medium to high

- Shedding Level: Medium to high

- Medical Concerns: No known medical concerns

- Known commands: sit, down, crate, wait

- Guarding issues: Not seen here

- Other behavioural issues: Not seen here

- Why are they with Tango’s Lead?: Nalah was surrendered to our care with the help of one of our trusted trainers through no fault of her own as there was a change in her home environment.

Best quality: Nalah is a very smart girl. She has energy to burn but also loves to just lay around and hang out with her people.

Worst quality: Nalah has not been shown previously how to act appropriately around other dogs. This can irritate some dogs so she is in need of some guidance in this area of her training.


* Nalah has great manners! She loves to meet people and will happily become anyone's friend. She is very respectful in the house and can be a fairly independent girl!

** Nalah loves her crate and goes in when she is asked and can even be found in there throughout the day catching up on some sleep.

*** Nalah will make a great companion for a family with older kids who are active and are looking for a dog to take on their adventures. She is the perfect mix of sweet and fun!


* Nalah has not had the best guidance when it comes to meeting other dogs. Senior pups tend to have a harder time with her as she can be pushy, but she does love to have dog friends after a proper and slow introduction.

Nalah is being fostered in Guelph, ON