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Lazing around on a Sunday

Mastiff mix | 70lbs | Male | 6 years old | Good with dogs | Unknown with cats | Unknown with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: Larry may look and play like a puppy but he also has the body of a senior. Unfortunately Larry has some arthritis in his hind end due to a previous injury. While we don't know Larry's past, it is likely he has torn both his cruciates and his body has compensated for this instability. We have consulted with two vets and they agree no surgery is needed, but he will likely need to be on long term pain management to maintain his puppy like lifestyle!

Adoption Fee: $450

Larry: Text

Do you like long walks on the beach? ...hmm, well, we hate to tell ya, but that's just not Larry's thing! This sweet boy is all about the finer comforts in life - his stuffy toys, fluffy dog beds, and relaxing with you while he gets pets all day long. Larry is a sweet senior boy looking for someone to love him as much as he loves them! 

In every photo of Larry, you'll definitely notice his sweet, loving eyes. His defining quality is truly the amount of love he has to give! He would love nothing more than to follow you around all day, lay at your feet while you work from home or watch TV, or place his head on your lap while you pet his big noggin. That being said, he's also become accustomed to his crate since arriving at Tango's Lead! This is particularly helpful for anytime he is left alone, and he sleeps comfortably in it overnight no problem (he even puts himself to bed sometimes!)

This handsome boy also loves his foster brother! He does quite well with other dogs, although can be a bit intense at first (displays some grumbly excitement). After initial introductions, he also can be a little pushy. For example, when they're at the door to go outside, he tries to push through first. If someone is petting another dog, he will attempt to insert himself in between the human and the other pup. While these seem like minor details, it's important that any future furry siblings wouldn't be bothered by this jealousy too much, and that his forever family is able to continue working on his manners around dog friends! Given his size, he probably would do best in a home without small children. We've not seen any mannerisms that would indicate any problems with children, but given his clumsiness, he may accidentally knock them over or maybe even get jealous of attention like he does with other dogs.

His house manners are also quite good! He is house trained and will request to go outside when needed. He does bark a little bit when people enter the front yard, but this is easily corrected. Overall he is not destructive, but he did find his way into the kitchen garbage (despite barriers such as a pedal and lid), and consumed a string, causing an emergency foreign body surgery. So don't let your guard down despite those angelic eyes!!

Larry receives daily pain medication and joint supplements to help him age as gracefully as possible! As noted above, he does have some arthritis and may have previously torn his cruciates. However, these don't really slow him down much, and he can sometimes act like a young pup anyway! He wrestles with his foster brother and occasionally gets little bursts of energy in the yard. He's not interested in spending too much time outside right now in the winter weather, and doesn't particularly enjoy walks. The world seems a bit overwhelming for him and he appears slightly timid when he leaves the yard. We have no doubt that he could work up to short walks with his forever people in quiet areas - but he would love a hand with some confidence building first!

Here's what Larry's foster mom has to say about him:

"This sweet boy is truly the sweetest potato we've ever had in our home! He's always happy to see people and cannot get enough love - but he always returns the favour, and is sure to put a smile on your face everyday! His ideal home would be someone who's up for making sure he can continue to age comfortably and give him all the love he deserves."

Larry: Text
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