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Energy for Days

Lab/Mastiff mix | 90lbs | Male | 1.5 years old | Good with dogs | Unknown with cats | Kids 12+ | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Tillsonburg, ON

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Jax: Text

Are you looking for a hiking buddy, running partner, or a friend for your nutball of a pup? Jax is definitely your dude!

Jax is a 1.5 year old lab/mastiff mix and is a STURDY boy. Jax hovers just under 90lbs and is at an ideal weight, but needs a family who will get him into better shape. What do we mean by this? Unfortunately, Jax has been living in a less-than-ideal setting where he has had very little to no exercise in the past 9 months. He had all of his necessities including food, but he did not have the training that he needed as a puppy. Jax is also house-trained but is in desperate need of work with his leash manners as he finds this world much more interesting then the human on the end of the leash (he likes to pull and lead the way currently but this is something that his foster mom is working on with him).

Jax is good with dogs but he needs tolerant friends. He doesn’t understand social cues and likes to bother dogs and hump them if he gets overstimulated. When playing, Jax does not know when to back off another dog and thinks that everything is part of the game they are playing. He plays rough and does not mean any harm by it, but he could easily hurt a senior or small dog. Jax is also far too rough for a home with small animals or cats. Jax has been exposed to kids and does love them, but as he likes to jump he would do best in a home with older or no kids. 

In the car, Jax is a great copilot, but he does not like seeing people approaching and will bark to ask them to back off. With him being such a big boy, this can be very intimidating and is something that he needs to work on. Jax does well in his crate but has major FOMO! He will whine on occasion when he hears or sees his foster siblings having fun without him. Jax also sees his crate as his safe place and does not like it when other dogs approach it, especially when there are treats, toys or snacks involved. However, he can share toys with other dogs  when outside his crate.

Want to know more about Jax? This is his foster mom’s very honest opinion of him:

“Jax is a great dog with rough edges due to no fault of his own. Jax had someone in his previous life looking out for him and knew that he deserved better. With an incredible team of people, Jax found his way to us and will be an incredible companion with some very funny and goofy puppy moments. It is important to know, Jax did not get the puppyhood that he should have and although he is a year and a half, he does not act like it and sure doesn’t realize it when he jumps on you to say hello. 

Jax deserves someone with large breed experience who is looking for a hiking, running, adventure (or anything in between!) buddy. He is an active boy who has one million things on his mind at any given time and does not like to sit still for long. Trust me, this boy is a ball of pent-up energy and he is ready for fun :)”

Jax: Text
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