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Love Bug

Harlen | Golden mix | 65lbs | Male | 7 years old | Selective with dogs | Good with cats | Good with kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: Overweight

Adoption Fee: $600

Harlen: Text

Meet our newest “puppy”, Mr. Harlen! Harlen is a very sweet man who came to us from a northern community where he was taken care of but lived his life outdoors.

Harlen may at times need a proper introduction if he is in a place that makes him nervous, but any other time he has went right in for the hugs and wants all the belly rubs! 

Harlen is very selective when it comes to dogs. He usually is better with smaller breeds and has gotten along with a few larger dogs. Harlen will need someone to advocate for him when making dog friends. When he gets overstimulated he can be even pickier than normal but that is where your voice comes in! 

Harlen’s foster mom is working on how he walks on a leash and his listening skills. Harlen loses any leash manners when he sees people and animals. He does not become vocal but instead pulls towards them and turns off his ears. He is currently being walked on a slip lead that also sits on his muzzle. Harlen is not a fan of this at all and has caused some cuts on his nose trying to get it off. Harlen also goes after his muzzle when he sees another animal on his walk trying to get the slip lead off. 

Harlen’s energy level is medium and loves to be outside. He is described as full of adventure and loves to smell everything! He’s also very good at letting you know he needs to go to the bathroom! Harlen is very playful with his foster mom and needs encouragement to play with his toys. He loves to play fetch, chase, tug and roll around like the goofball he is! Harlen also knows to Sit, Stay and of course, asking for belly rubs.

Here is what Harlen’s foster mom has to say about him: 

“Be patient with him, he’s a big silly ball of love, that just wants to be a good boy, he doesn’t understand he’s being difficult on walks, he loves them so much. 

He deserves all the belly rubs, kisses and cuddles in the world, and to be told how much he’s loved and wanted every day. Even though he gets stinky, he loves being clean, pampered by having his ears cleaned, and loves his bum wipes haha. Also, if he doesn’t have a cat in the home with him, I’d love to see him get some cat stuffies to keep him company. 

He’s such a sweet boy, and I hope he’s treated the best!”

Harlen: Text
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