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Stay Calm, I know I'm Beautiful

Presa Canario | 100lbs | Female | 1 year old | Good with dogs (better with males) | Unknown with cats | Older kids | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON

Vetting: Bullet came to us with bilaterally luxating patellas, which we knew would need surgeries while in our care. We are happy to say her surgical journey is complete and she is officially available for adoption! During her second knee surgery, the doctors also noted she had a partial cruciate tear, which they were able to correct in the same surgery. Bullet is ready to be a puppy again and man is she ever ready to find her forever home! Because of her surgeries, Bullet may be slightly more at risk for developing arthritic changes in her hind end. She is currently on a joint diet with all the helpful supplements, and she will likely need to remain on this for life, as well as keeping a healthy weight. 

Adoption Fee: $600

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Let’s make one thing clear from the start, this girl is definitely not as quick as her name makes her seem ;) 

Bullet’s foster mom is working on her obedience training and having some fun with mental stimulation. Her favourites are definitely her food-stuffed toys, but she will also happily work on her training as a form of her meals! Really, anything with food is a win for this girl.

Bullet is good with tolerant, large breed dogs and has previously lived with another male dog. Bullet is crate and house trained but she does whine on occasion when she can hear the other dogs in her foster home having fun without her. Bullet likes to have a comfy bed to lay on in her crate but if she has not had enough mental exercise, she will try to chew on bedding and blankets. Bullet should not be trusted with any toys while she is not being directly supervised, and she will need to have durable and large toys to ensure she does not tear them up or ingest anything she is not supposed to. 

Bullet is working on her leash manners as she previously lived a farm life. Bullet can be reactive on a leash. It is unlikely that Bullet will ever be a high-energy dog able to go on long hikes with her forever family; however, she will enjoy a day filled with movies, a comfy couch and snacks! Bullet is an adventurous girl and loves to play so this is something she is definitely excited to be able to do once her back end is top-notch!

Bullet is working on her manners as she likes to bark when meeting new people that she is unsure of. She is great with kids but she is a very large girl and sometimes forgets just how big she is. Bullet also barks in her foster home if she sees someone passing by who she is not familiar with. 

Here’s what Bullet’s foster mom wants you to know about her:

“I am going to warn you now, this girl is going to steal your heart and she is going to steal it quickly. She might also steal your meal but it will be worth it - I promise.

Bullet is so sweet, but she is also a very independent, strong-headed and protective girl. Her people are her people and she is as loyal as they come. When meeting both dogs and people, she comes in hot, but quickly catches herself and remembers how to be polite within just a few moments. This girl may just be everything you are looking for, but only humans who have mastiff experience will be considered for her forever people.”

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