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Lovely as Ever

German Shepherd | 70lbs | Female | 3 years old | No other animals | Adult family only | Medium - High Energy | Crate trained | House trained | Fostered in Guelph, ON | BITE HISTORY (Please read description below)

Vetting: No known health concerns

Adoption Fee: $600

Abby: Text

Meet our stunning shepherd! Abby is one of our longer-term fosters here at Tango’s Lead who came to us from a kill shelter in the summer of 2021. Abby has been fosterered by two families and adopted by one, sadly with no success. She is now fostered in a home with three humans but is looking for her perfect fit. Unfortunately, she cannot stay in her current home lifelong as there are other dogs in the home (Tango’s HQ) and she does not thrive to the fullest extent with other dogs in her space. 

Abby can get anxious easily when overstimulated. In her foster home, she is working hard on handler engagement and environmental socialization; she is much more comfortable on quiet trails than busy downtown streets. On walks, while Abby has made progress towards becoming dog neutral and can tolerate walking by a non-confrontational dog, she does still show reactivity at times and will require continued work with handler engagement and redirection. Abby has gone on multiple pack walks, with her muzzle on, and has had quite a bit of success with safely co-existing with other dogs around. With that being said, this does not mean that we would ever recommend introducing her to another dog. While with us, we have tried to introduce her to multiple canine friends with no luck. For her mental state and safety, she will do best in a single pet household.

Abby is crate trained and currently sleeps in her crate next to another dog. Although she is able to do this, they are not friends and she does get upset anytime that a dog disrupts her beauty sleep. With her physical exercise needs met, Abby is pretty chill and has great manners inside the house. She loves to hang out either on her bed, in her crate and really anywhere she can  to maximize ear scratches and pets. Abby has a great “off switch” when playing indoors and it’s time to wrap up the game. She greatly benefits from a few hours of structured crate time during the day, and while resource guarding was previously noted, her current foster home, as well as her previous one, have not seen this with food or toys.

When outdoors, Abby shows her high energy side! She is fantastic on walks/runs and will remain by your side in heel position with few to no corrections. She also enjoys playing nose games and exploring on a long line, finding sticks to parade with or chew on, and loves a good game of fetch or tug. Abby also loves to go swimming, whether it be in a pool or in a river/lake. As long as she can chase some waves or splashes, she is a happy girl. Abby is a huge fan of playing with the water hose and will happily chase the sprinkler if her people are so kind as to set it up for her.

As Abby has previously shown guarding of her people, “stranger greetings” are rare and only done in controlled circumstances, with trusted people. Currently, Abby is doing well with introductions to new people outside of her home. On a walk, Abby knows to ignore the other person (non-handler) that she is walking with and vice versa. Once they have both relaxed, Abby is welcome to take treats from the person she is with but prolonged stares on the new humans behalf is discouraged as Abby has previously seen this behavior as a threat. Recently, Abby has been able to say hi to humans on walks, as well as some play time with them when out in the yard - especially if they are willing to play with her and her toys. Abby will require continued advocacy on her behalf in her forever home. Tango’s Lead is ready to support Abby’s forever family with her transition to her new home. This will take time and is not a process that will be rushed. 

Here’s what Abby’s Foster Mom has to say about her:

“At first glance, Abby is your typical shepherd – aloof, independent, and meaning business. However once you gain her trust and her personality comes out, Abby is such a special girl. She is smart, funny, quirky, goofy, playful, and groans like an old man when settling in for a nap. She can be chatty with her special moans and groans language, but you’ll learn quickly what they all mean! Abby will absolutely thrive with proper rules and structure to her daily life – she is a dog that when given an inch will take a mile otherwise; and her forever home will need to continue advocating for her in public, and with her training needs. Yes, this will take work – but trust me, she’s a pretty perfect shepherd and so worth it!”

From the Core Team:

For anyone considering bringing Abby into their home, it is important to know that Abby does have a bite record. We will happily share the specifics surrounding these incidences with those who show serious adoption interest. It is believed in each situation that she was potentially guarding what she believed was her main human. In total, she has had three incidents; one of which was a puncture. Not all of these incidents occurred with new people in the home - more details on this will be provided to anyone interested in taking a chance on Abby. 

Currently, Abby lives at Tango’s HQ and lives a “kennel” lifestyle. She does not get to free roam as much as she would in a home where it was just her, but we have been able to learn a lot about her. Currently she lives with 3 people but definitely choses one person as her favorite. She still respects the other two people in the home but you can clearly see where her loyalty lies. 

We truly do not believe that Abby is a bad dog but over the past two years, finding her unicorn home has become more and more difficult and she deserves a more comfortable and independent lifestyle than the one she has. We do not want her living her life amongst other dogs forever - she does not want that and she deserves the one on one with her person; wherever they are. 

Abby: Text
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